The Smeetz back-office overview

In this article, we describe the general operation of your Smeetz Account.

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Under "Create "

You can:

  1. Create an activity or event How to create your first product on Smeetz
  2. Create a retail product: How to create retail products
  3. Create a booking widget How to create your booking widget
  4. Create a sale How to book a ticket internally
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Under "Products":

You can:

  1. Access your activities to make modifications to your products 
  2. Access your retail products to make modifications to your products 
  3. Access your sales collections How to create sales collections
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Under "Catalogue"

You can:

  1. Access calendars
  2. Manage your retail inventory
  3. Manage waivers
  4. Manage seating plans 
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Under "Orders"

You can see :

  1. The attendee list
  2. Completed orders
  3. Pending orders (pending confirmation)
  4. Orders with balance
  5. Quotes and invoices
  6. Memberships
  7. Gift cards
  8. Retail orders
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Under "Marketing"

You can

  1. Manage customers
  2. Create email automation campaigns
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Under "Channels"

You can
  1. Manage marketplaces
    • where you can add your activities on OTA's,
  2. Manage booking widgets
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Under "Revenue management"

You can
  1. Create your dynamic pricing strategies
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Under "Analytics"

You can see

  1. Accounting dashboards
  2. Sales dashboards
  3. Inventory dashboards
  4. Marketing dashboards
  5. Revenue management dashboards
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Under the "9 little squares" next to your initials

You can access

  1. Point of sales: sell tickets on-site.
  2. Ticket Scanner: scan tickets at the entrance (How to scan tickets).
  3. Integrations (Facebook pixel, Hubspot, Google Adds, Zapier, API...)
  4. Voucher manager: validate the voucher codes of your gift cards


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Under "Your Initials"

  1. Create organiser: create a new organiser account (for a new entity)
  2. Account details
    1. Account info: account name, currency, language, etc.
    2. Account contacts: here you will find the main contacts of the account
    3. Smeetz Pay: bank details of the organiser in order to receive the money from the ticket sales
    4. Booking statements
    5. Payment terminals
    6. POS configurations
    7. Pricing grids
    8. Team: add members to your account with specific roles "Create User"
    9. Taxes
  3. Branding details (partly linked to your organiser page on
    1. General infocompany description, postal address, email, booking policy, etc.
    2. Social media: connect your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube accounts
    3. Cover picture: header photos of your organiser page on desktop and mobile
    4. Logo
    5. Ticket templates
    6. define your brand colour
    7. Booking widgets: customise your booking widgets by choosing a font and colour
    8. Emails: customise your communication by choosing a font and colour for your emails and adding personalised messages
  1. Billing details: view and edit your Smeetz rate plan, change your payment details and control your invoices
  2. Booking statements: download your booking statements by product
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