Manage your team's acess

This article outlines the process of adding team members with different levels of access to your Smeetz account.

  1. How to add members 
  2. How to remove members 
  3. The different roles
  4. Restricting the notifications and list access

To add team members, you will need to add the email address of each member and assign them roles based on the access you wish to grant them.

Your team members will have personalized access and can use the platform simultaneously. This is especially useful if multiple people are part of the security staff and will need access at the same time to scan tickets on the day of your event.

1. How to add members

Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Smeetz account.
  2. Click on your initials > Account details
  3. On the account details page > Team 
  4. Click on 'Create user'
  5. Enter the member's email address and decide on their role (each role is described below with the access that will be granted).
  6. Choose if your new member will have access to all products, or if they are restricted to certain sales groups: (More information about the sales group) Capture d’écran 2023-02-28 à 11.33.32
  7. Once you save, the new member will receive a verification request by email. Once they select "accept the invitation" and log in afterwards, they will be added as a member of your Smeetz account.

You will see an overview of all your existing members or pending requests

B2C Customer (2)-Mar-13-2021-03-18-38-01-PM

2. How to remove members

To delete a member from your Smeetz Account

  1. click next to the person's email
  2. click on "delete"

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.44.05


3. The different roles

 Listed below are the roles and their description/level of access:

  • Owner: full access to the Smeetz for Business account
  • Manager: access to activities, attendee management, scanner, point-of-sale, and analytics
  • Restricted Manager: editing is restricted to Date (of the event), Price & Availabilities, cannot create a product, cannot access analytics
  • Accounting: access to booking statements and billing sections
  • Seller Manager: same access as Seller with additional access to the attendee lists and vouchers
  • Seller: access to the scanner and point-of-sale
  • Developer: access to booking widget and integrations
  • Security: access only to the scanner
  • Read only: access to information without being able to edit anything

4. Restricting the notifications and list access

It is now possible to restrict the list access and notifications, ie the bookings and daily reports notifications to a specific sales group. This means that the restricted member will no longer receive any email for a booking or an attendee list from a product if it's not included in his attributed sales group.

In order to do so, follow the regular process to add a team member, then when you arrive at the sales collection tab, make sure to add your restrictions for Product & order tables

Capture d’écran 2023-02-28 à 11.58.21

 You just have to validate, this user will only receive notifications about these products.