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Scan tickets at the entrance

This article gives you a better understanding of the process for controlling tickets with Smeetz.

  1. Pre-conditionsscan
  2. Compatibility
  3. Connectivity
  4. Brightness
  5. Batteries
  6. Procedure to follow
  7. General recommendations before an event

1. Pre-conditions

It is necessary to have an existing Smeetz for Business account and active products with tickets. Once you have created a ticket for a product, this ticket will automatically show up as a option in the scanner, which will enable you to scan tickets for validation at your event.

2. Compatibility

iOS 12 or more

  • Safari: Yes (without light)
  • Chrome: No
  • Opera: No
  • Firefox: No

Android 9 +

  • Chrome: Yes
  • Opera: Yes
  • Firefox: Yes

3. Connectivity

In order to detect potential fraud, our web application requires you to connect regularly to our server to analyse if a ticket has already been scanned or not. Therefore, your mobile phone should be able to benefit from a stable Wifi connection or a high-performance 3G/4G network.

4. Brightness

To work optimally, the scanner of our web application requires a minimum brightness of 10 Lux.

You can download Galactica Luxmeter (iOS) or Lux Meter (Android) to measure the ambient brightness, and if necessary, add light sources.

We also gladly provide you with portable USB-powered lights.

5. Batteries

The ticket control process can drain your battery life easily. A standard mobile phone battery lasts between 2 and 2.30 hours. Therefore, we recommend you to:

  1. Charge your batteries to 100%
  2. Bring a power bank or charger with you
  3. Turn down the brightness of your screen
  4. Exit and close all tabs
  5. Lock your screen when you are not using the phone for scanning

We are also happy to provide you with portable power banks to ensure long usage of our scanners.

6. Procedure to follow 

  1. Log into your Smeetz account by email, Facebook, Google or the web app Smeetz.
  2. Click on the "9 little dots" on the top right corner next to your initials and select "Ticket scanner".  
  3. Select the organiser's account, as well as the activity/event.
  4. Define scan type: 
    1. Pre-scan: a scan before validation to check if the ticket is valid
    2. Scan and validate: for scanning and validating the ticket at the entrance
    3. Re-validate: if tickets have been scanned already, revalidating them will make them valid again and will allow them to be scanned a second time
    4. Cancel: if you would like to cancel a ticket, so that its not valid anymore
    5. Scan and exit: scan the ticket to indicate that a person is leaving (ex. when tracking attendance capacity)
  5. The scanner automatically sets the current date
  6. Press "Start scanner"

    We recommend to click several times on the screen to optimize the image quality of your camera.

    Capture d’écran 2021-06-03 à 13.18.10

    7. General recommendations before an event

    To make the process of scanning easier for your scanning team, make sure that these things are available to them before the event starts:

    1. Your Smeetz for Business account username and password or create new usernames for the security personnel. Please refer to this article Add and manage team members
    2. The procedure described in this article, link: https://knowledge.smeetz.com/en/access-control

    The possibility of creating 2 accounts

    1. Staff access: Scanner only 
    2. Organiser access: Possibility to manage the event

    It is always safer to have more mobile phones on hand during the scanning process, in case there are technical issues or other unforeseeable circumstances.

    If you would like to rent some mobile phones, do not hesitate to reach us to get an offer.

    Before the event, it is always best to test the scanner at least once. If a scanner gets stuck during the scanning process, simply refresh the page and try again.