General information on membership cards

This article is a summary of how membership cards are created and managed in your Smeetz account.

  1. The usage of membership cards and the different types
  2. How to manage membership cards

1. The usage of membership cards and the different types

As an organizer, you have the possibility to offer membership cards to your clients. These are technically multiple-entry tickets for multiple events. This way, your client can attend some or all of your events in selected periods and times. These types of cards are especially beneficial for events that occur within seasons, such as basketball tournaments.

At Smeetz, we have three options for membership tickets. Each ticket is unique to its situation and each organizer should determine the scenario that suits them best before creating and selling membership cards.

  1. Scenario 1: The events will have the exact same seating plan and location and you would like your customers to be able to access all of your events by simply showing/scanning their card at the entrance. Please view this article
  2. Scenario 2: The events will have changing seating plans and locations and you would like your customers to use their membership card’s code to book seats online and redeem a ticket for each event. Please view this article
  3. Scenario 3: The events will not have any seating plan. Please view this article

2. How to manage membership cards

Your most loyal customers will be able to buy a membership card on various online platforms. Once a client has bought a card, a confirmation email and ticket with a QR code or ID will be sent. 

Choice of card type

As an organizer, you can now decide whether or not to provide:

  • A physical card: You can contact us at, if you would like us to design and create the cards for you (we will provide you with an offer).
  • A digital card
  • Offer both options to the client: in this case, create two different types of membership card tickets on your Smeetz account. One for the people who prefer the digital card and one for those who would like to have a hard copy.

    We advise you to set different prices for the tickets so that the costs of printing and delivering the physical cards are compensated.

    With or without a photo

    If you wish to include your customers' photo on the membership card for identification purposes, please follow the steps below:

      1. Go to Products > Custom fields > Custom field for ticket > select membership ticket
      2. Name of the field: Picture
      3. Test of input: file
      4. Information type: picture ID
      5. Validation: Required
      6. Save