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Membership cards - Multiple entries without seating plan

This article explains the process of setting up a membership card for events that do not have any specific seating arrangements or plans.

  1. In which case should this type of membership be used
  2. How to create a regular membership card
  3. How does the client book the ticket
  4. See other types of membership cards

1. In which case should this type of membership be used

This type of membership card (digital or printed) grants the card holder access to all events in a specific time period. This type of card is made for events that do not require a seating plan or any other type of seat/zone reservation. 

It is especially beneficial for locations that do not have any sectioning or for events that occur frequently (ex. Clubs, Bars or other open spaces). Overall, it provides clients and organizers with flexibility and simplicity.

2. How to create this membership card

In order to create this type of membership card on your Smeetz for Business account, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a product: Create > Products
  2. Create a regular membership ticket:
    ProductsTickets > Create a ticket > Regular membership ticket    B2C Customer (1)-1
3. Insert the requested information:
  • The name and location, if all events are at the same location
  • Description and practical information: Indicate the different offers for each membership type
  • Start validity: determine if the card is valid the moment the client buys it or at a specific date (ex. start of next year)
  • End validity: 
    1. To create an annual pass: select "Should be valid for a defined number of periods"  >  Period length yearly 
    2. To simply insert an expiry date: select “Should be valid until” and enter a specific given date, on which the card will not grant access to any events anymore 
  • Member use and reservation: with this type of use, members do not need to reserve in advance and can simply go to the location by scanning their subscription.
  • SMS verification

      4. Save and Make the ticket available for sale: Product > Activity Details > Published > Ticket status On

      3. How does the client book the ticket

      Once a client has bought a membership ticket, they will receive a confirmation email with a QR code. They can then use this QR code directly at the entrance of any event that is included in the membership package.

      To scan the membership card ticket, simply select it on the scanner and scan it like any other ticket with a phone or professional scanner.

      4. See other types of membership cards