Create a sale within your Smeetz account (back office)

This article outlines how to process a sale for your customers directly in your Smeetz for Business account.

  1. Description of the 'Create a Sale' page and its advantages
  2. How to create a sale in your Smeetz account
  3. Where to find the created orders
  4. How to cancel a ticket with or without a refund

1. Description of the 'Create a Sale' page and its advantages

The 'Create a Sale' page allows you to book and sell a ticket via your Smeetz for Business account

You can use this function to book a ticket for a customer, or to create a booking reservation for future sale (e.g. if the customer wishes to pay on the door).

This way, you are much more flexible when it comes to booking a ticket in advance for a customer or selling tickets at the door to walk-up customers.

Use cases

  • A customer would like to buy a ticket, but is unable (or unwilling) to book or pay online
  • You would like to reserve a ticket for a customer
  • You would like to keep some printed tickets on-hand for sale on the door
  • A customer shows up at the event with a voucher/gift card/ promo code and would like to redeem it when buying a ticket at the door

2. How to create a sale

Login to your Smeetz for Business account, click "Create" tab> "Create a sale".


The create order page is made up of three sections: Tickets, Discount and gift cards, and Payments.

create a sale

2.1. Tickets

  1. Select the product/activity, which contains the ticket that you wish to book

  2. Select the ticket with the correct date and time

  3. If you have a ticket with seating plan you can ask the customer to choose a seat 
  4. All the prices of your ticket will appear below. Here you can also select the quantity. 

  5. Once the quantity is selected, you may change the price. You will then need to fill in the details of the attendees
  6. Add-ons can be chosen if they have been created and associated with the ticket type.
  7. If you have set up custom fields (e.g. name, phone number, address) you will then enter those details.
    (If you do not have custom fields already set up and would like to capture additional customer data, please follow the steps here): Set up custom fields

You also have the capability to create a sale that groups together several products/activities at the same time. To add a ticket, simply click on "Add ticket"

2.2. Discount and gift cards

You can add a promo code or a gift card/voucher, if the customer has one to redeem.
  1. Select "Add discount"
  2. Insert the code in the field "Discount Code" then click "Apply".
    If the code is valid, the discount will automatically be applied

You can apply further discounts by selecting "Add promotion code" 

B2C Customer (2)-2

2.3. Payments

  • Select "Add a payment"
  • Choose the payment type and amount

A customer can use more than one payment method for one order (e.g. 50% by card and 50% in cash). To do so, you just need to "Add" a payment and ensure the amounts are correct.

  • Once everything has been filled out, save the order.
    You can modify the language of the email confirmation and the ticket, if required
    Capture d’écran 2022-02-28 à 10.19.08

A pop-up window will be displayed after the sale is completed, giving you the option to:

  • Print the ticket
  • Download the ticket
  • Send the ticket by email
  • Start a new sale

3. Where to find the created orders

You can find these orders in the attendee list, just like all your bookings.

  1. Go to Orders > Attendee List
  2. Use filters or search for the attendee by first/second name or email

Make sure that you have custom fields for First Name and Second name on your product, so that you can easily find the attendees in the attendee list by name.

We also recommend adding a custom field for Emails, so you can easily send the ticket to the customer by email after the sale has been completed.

Read the following for step-by-step guidance: Create custom fields

Once you have found the order, you can:

  • Download the ticket
  • Email it to the attendee
  • Add further information about the attendee's booking.

4. How to cancel a ticket with or without a refund

If you, or a customer, want to cancel a ticket, you have the choice to cancel the ticket with or without a refund.

Go to the booking by clicking on its "booking reference" number. Then click "Options" (in the "tickets" section) > select a refund option, as below:

You can either refund as a percentage or amount.

  • You can decide what percentage of the total value of the ticket you would like to refund (depending on your own Ts & Cs).
  • If you choose to refund an amount, then in "Refund" you will just enter the numerical value of how much you wish to refund.

Then click "Confirm"

If you wish to cancel several bookings at once, then on the Attendee lists page, simply check the boxes next to the relevant booking references > select "Actions" on the top right-hand corner > select desired refund option.

cancel booking-1

When a ticket has already been cancelled without a refund, you can later apply a refund for this ticket. 

Go into the booking details by clicking on the "booking reference" number. Then click Edit Order (in the top right) > scroll down and click "Add refund".

In the "Type" field you MUST choose the method of payment that the customer used to pay for the ticket.

In the "Refund" field, add the numerical amount you would like to refund.

Please be aware that the balance on the left bottom of the page should always be 0.00.

To finish the refund, click  "Update order".