Manage quotes and invoices

This page describes how quotes and invoices can be managed through Smeetz.

  1. How to process quotes and invoices
  2. Quotes and Invoices
  3. Order overview

To see all your documents, go to Orders > Quotes and Invoices

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1. How to process quotes and invoices

  1. Normally, you would start by sending a quote by email (although you can also send an invoice directly)
    1. How to Create a sale, quote or invoice from the back office
  2. Once your customer has signed the quote, you need to manually validate it within the Smeetz back-office
  3. Automatically the quote becomes an invoice
  4. Then, you need to email the invoice to the customer, awaiting payment
    1. If the payment is done by bank transfer, you will need to reconciliate with your bank statements.
    2. If the payment is done with a payment link, the payment and invoice status will update automatically

2. Quotes and Invoices

On this page you will have access to all the quotes and invoices you have created.

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  • All the documents are ordered by booking reference
    • A quote that was accepted and turned into an invoice will stay under the same booking reference
  • All quotes and invoices have unique quote IDs and Invoice IDs
  • Make sure to display the "Company name" column (how to manage lists and filters)
  • You can filter your documents by "document status"

    • Quoted: a quote has been created

    • Invoiced: a quote has been validated or a direct invoice was created

    • Abandoned: a quote that has not been validated in 30 days

    • Refused: a quote that has been refused
    • Partially paid: an invoice that is partially paid
    • Paid: an invoice that is fully paid
    • Late payment: an invoice that is not paid after 30 days
    • Cancelled invoice: a quote that has been cancelled manually
  • By selecting a document and clicking on "actions" you can:

    Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 13.35.32

    • Export it

    • Update it
    • Send the quote

    • Change the status of the document

      • Validate a quote: Document status will end up in “Invoiced”

      • Cancel a quote: Document status will end up in “Cancelled”

    • Send the invoice

3. Order overview

By clicking on the booking reference, you can see the details of the order. Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 13.40.22