How to set up custom fields to capture useful customer information

This article outlines the advantages of creating custom fields and how to create them for your online tickets

  1. The advantages of the custom fields
  2. How to add custom fields to your tickets

      1. The advantages of the custom fields

      Creating custom fields enables you to record information about your customers (e.g. address, sex, phone number, etc). The information you capture is linked to the ticket(s) the customer purchases.

      Smeetz, as a default, will require your customers to enter their name and email. But, you can record more specific data based on what information you wish to know about your customers. (You can set these custom fields to be mandatory or optional).

      For example, if you plan a promotional t-shirt giveaway for people buying tickets to a specific event on a specific date, you can create a custom field to record the size, or colour, etc that your attendees require.

      Practical details

      The custom fields you create appear once the booking has been completed by the customer. This is so your conversion rate is not affected.

      If your attendees have not completed these fields directly after making their booking, they will receive a reminder by email.

      Your customers' responses will be visible under Orders > "Attendee List", as well as in the excel sheet containing the list of your attendees. You will receive this Excel sheet by email before the activity.

      When you make a sale from the "create a sale" page on Smeetz, no custom fields information is collected automatically. You must manually add custom fields for your customers' personal data when processing orders in this way.

      2. How to add new fields on your bookings and tickets

      1. If you haven't created the activity/product and tickets yet, then follow these steps: Create activities/products on Smeetz
      2. Go to the specific activity/product you wish to add custom fields to
      3. Click "Custom fields" on the left-hand panel
      4. There are 2 types of custom fields:
        1. Custom fields for booking: This information will be asked for each booking. Example: one booking requires the customer to give one phone number.
        2. Custom fields for tickets: This information will be asked for each ticket in a booking. Example: One booking contains three tickets and so the customers must provide three phone numbers each ticket-holder.

      B2C Customer (1)-Jan-14-2021-10-06-01-07-AM

      Click "add new custom field" under either custom fields for booking or custom fields for tickets (depending on your preference):

      • Name of the field: This will be visible to your customers (e.g. Date of your birth, age, colour, allergies, phone number)
      • Example of answers: You can leave this blank
      • Information type : e.g. Name, phone, address, company name, etc
      • Input type: This refers to how the customer will be required to input the requested information (e.g. text, dropdown box, list box, upload file, date, etc)
      • Validation: Is this a required input or optional 
      • Availability: For which type of bookings shall the "customer field" be available (e.g. online, internal/on-site, reseller)

      custom fields

      Click "Save"