Create gift card tickets

This article explains in detail how to create gift card tickets and how they can be beneficial for your business.

  1. What are gift cards and their usage
  2. Create a gift card ticket
  3. How do your clients redeem their gift cards

1. What are gift cards and their usage

Gift cards are a prepraid stored-value money card that you can sell or give to clients. You will be able to choose the specific value on the card, with which the clients can purchase normal tickets. Among choosing the value, there are many other functions and settings that can be added or adjusted.

A gift card ticket can have many usages, such as:

  • Providing gift cards as a gift (ex. during the holiday season)
  • Offer it as a reimbursement
  • Gift for loyal clients
  • Promotional purposes
  • etc.

2. Create a gift card ticket

In your Smeetz for Business account, a product is a global classification of an activity or event. Within a product, you can have several tickets. A gift card ticket is a type of ticket.

If you have never created a product before or need advice, please see the article "Create your first product on Smeetz".

    We advise you to add captivating cover photos and a descriptive text with the reasons why you offer these vouchers. Please describe the benefits and validity of your gift cards to your customers. You can personalise your ticket for an even more attractive look.

    To create a gift card ticket, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go on the correct product under Products
    2. Choose the option to create a gift cards ticket: Tickets > Create ticket > select Gift card ticket > Create

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    3. Fill in the practical information
      • Text fields: the description displayed online, as well as the practical information are important fields that will give your users more information on how to use the gift card tickets.
      • Quantity: Determine the quantity of available gift cards, availability and purchase period
      • Category
      • Online availability
      • Internal availability
    4. Purchase period
    5. Validity (you can specify by un-ticking the boxes)
      • Can be redeemed at any date: the client will be able to use the gift card within this time frame.
      • Can be redeemed any day: the client will be able to use the gift card on specific days a week (ex. every Monday) 
    6. Expiry (you can specify by un-ticking the boxes)
      • Should expire at a precise date and time: insert a date where the gift card won't be valid anymore
      • Should expire in a defined number of days after purchase: insert the amount of days the gift card will be valid (ex. 30 days after purchase)
    7. Price and value
      • Price: this is the price of the ticket (cash value)
      • Value: this is the value that will be available on the card
      • Roll-over gift card ticket value if not entirely redeemed: this allows your customers to use the value of the voucher on several products with a lower value than the voucher and not just on one purchase.

    Value/ Price example: you can sell a gift card for CHF 90, but with a purchase value of CHF 100. To do this, enter CHF 90 under "Price" and CHF 100 under "Value". By purchasing this gift card, your customer will be able to purchase CHF 100 of your products and services.

    3. How do your clients redeem their gift cards

    Shortly after purchasing the gift card or voucher online, the client will receive a confirmation email with a gift voucher code

    When your clients wants to book an event/activity, they can select a ticket and add their voucher code into the field called promo code.

    Through their voucher ID number, their booking will be completed with no additional charge (if the gift card covers the cost of the product) and an amount will be deducted from the value on the card.

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