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Manage membership cards purchased before you started using Smeetz

The article specifies the information that Smeetz needs, in order to update former membership card holders, who have already purchased a membership previously, to the upcoming season.

  1.  In which situation is this conversion necessary
  2. Sending the contact information to create membership card for Clients

1. In which situation is this conversion necessary

As an organizer starts the new sale of membership cards, there might sill be clients that are holding previously bought cards, which are still valid. In this case, it is possible to convert your clients old membership card to the new system at Smeetz.

This way, a card holder that bought their membership card previously, can continue to use their membership. The way to do this is to transfer the client's contact details into our database. Since the client will not be buying a new membership card through Smeetz, the organizer will have to provide us with all of the clients information. We will then add it to our database. The client can then continue to use their membership status to attend events and have direct contact with us in case of any difficulties.

2. Required information of clients

In order to give your existing members access to the events, please send an excel table, like the one below, to: customer.success@smeetz.com 

Subject of the email: Membership cards ALREADY PAYED CLIENT *Company name* X Smeetz

Membership Type First Name  Last Name Email Address Phone number (e.g. +41) Additional Information


Once the excel file has been sent:

  1. We will create individual QR codes for each member 
  2. Add it to the excel file that you sent us
  3. The fie will then be sent back to you with the QR code information
  4. This QR code will act as a digital proof of their membership and the client can continue going to the events