Create seating plan tickets

This article describes how to create tickets with a seating plan.

  1. Why create tickets with seating plan?
  2. Creating tickets with seating plan

1. Why create tickets with a seating plan?

Some events have seats assigned to each customer to facilitate their placement. The seating plan also allows the segmentation of your offer in order to satisfy your different types of customers (ex: VIP, seating, standing, ...).

Smeetz allows you to create your personalized seating plan adapted to your event, in order to facilitate its organization.

2. Creation of tickets with seating plan

Our team is available to create your seating plan (2.), as this step can be quite complex:

There are 2 main steps when creating tickets with a seating plan.
First, you need to create a bespoke seating plan and then connect it to Smeetz. Secondly, you need to create a specific ticket for the seating plan.

2.1 Creation of a bespoke seating plan 

  1. Contact our customer success managers, who will give you access to the seating plan creator:
  2. You can access it from the "9 little dots" on the right > Seating plan manager
  3. Create your personalised seating plan.

You can refer to this tutorial to help you with the creation: create a personalised seating plan

2.2 Creation of tickets with seating plan 

  1. Once you have created your seating plan, go to your Smeetz for Business account: Products > Tickets > Create a ticket > Ticket with seating plan.

2. Then you have to insert the requested information:

    1. The name of the ticket 
    2. Practical information displayed on the ticket
    3. Availability settings (online or internal)
    4. The date and time of validity of the ticket
    5. Charts: Here you need to select the seating plan that you have created on and connected to Smeetz. 
    6. The purchase period

3. Then create the different categories of tickets (e.g. VIP, sitting/standing seats). To add a category, click on the "+" sign.

    1. Fill in the description information
    2. Set the availability  (online or internal)
    3. Prices
    4. Charge flow and confirmation
    5. Set the scanning
    6. SMS verification 

While booking, your customer will be able to choose his seat number. 

Here is a preview of the seating plan: