Create a personalised seating plan

This article explains in detail how to create your personalised seating plan. Your customers will be able to choose their seat directly when booking their ticket.

We need to provide you with access to our seating plan creation software.

  1. Login to the seat designer software using the login and password we provide (if you don't have them, ask for them at
  2. Click on New sitting chart, at the top left of your screen.
  3. Choose your type of seating plan:
  • The seating plan without sections (left) is mainly suitable for events with less than 1000 people.
  • The seating plan with sections (right) is suitable for large events requiring different areas (e.g. stadiums, concert halls, ...).

4. A page will then appear to allow you to add a room plan template.

If you have an image or photo of your seating plan, you can download it to use as a template. It's not mandatory.

  1. Creation of your seating plan without sections
  2. Creation of your seating plan with sections
  3. Integrate your seating plan with your tickets (on

1. Creation of your seating plan without sections

Step 1: Only if you have uploaded your seating plan as a template.

  1. You will then have to determine the space between seats and between rows
  2. Insert the rows using the row tool on the left bar
Sans titre-3-7

3.    Once you have created all your seats, you can assign them to different categories
       (ex: Balconies, center, sides, ...) using the categories section, at the bottom of the right bar.

Capture d’écran 2020-06-15 à 17.10.30

4.    You then need to define the seat and row numbers, under the label

Sans titre-3-8

5.    On the right panel, uncheck the "Visible" box of your model in order to have a preview 
       of your plan

6.    If you wish, you can add symbols to inform your customers about
       emergency exits, stairs or other personalized details.

Sans titre-3-9

The current situation undoubtedly requires spacing between visitors in order to respect safety distances.

7.    It is possible to block certain seats (e.g. 1 seat out of 2). For this, you need 
       click on Capture d’écran 2020-06-15 à 17.17.45 at the top of your screen.

Select one by one the seats to be "blocked" then check the box "disabled by social distancing rules":

Sans titre-3-10

The seats in question cannot be reserved and you will therefore comply with the safety standards imposed on you.

2. Creation of your seating plan with sections

You can copy and paste sections of similar size to duplicate them

  1. Create your sections
  2. Then follow the procedure described above from Point 2.
    To insert the seats in the sections, click on the Edit contents section.
By clicking on the section, you will be able to name it (under label) and colour it (under category).
Capture d’écran 2020-06-16 à 17.48.50

3. Integrate your seating plan with your tickets

  1. Once you have completed your seating plan, click on Seating charts at the top of your screen. 
  2. Click on + Create event, next to the map you want to add to your tickets.

Sans titre-3-15

You need to create an event for each product. If your event takes place every night, you will need to create an event for each night and therefore have a key for each ticket.

3.    Rename your keys so that they don't get mixed up, by clicking Edit key. For example, we
       advise you to add the date of the event at the beginning of the key, as in the picture below:

Sans titre-3-14

4.    Login to your Smeetz for Business account

5.    Go to Tickets > Create a ticket > Ticket with seating plan

6.    Fill in the various information and enter the key you copied under the "Event Key" section.

At the time of booking, your client will have the possibility to choose their seat number:

Capture d’écran 2020-06-15 à 17.50.35

Changing your seating plan once your sales have started is at your own risk.
You can, however, log in and block/unblock certain seats.