What to do if you have not received your ticket

This article explains what you can do if you have bought a ticket, but have not received the ticket or email confirmation

  1. Check your spam folder
  2. Check your SMS messages
  3. Login or Sign up on Smeetz
  4. If you bought the ticket via Facebook login
  5. If you input an incorrect email address/phone number

1. Check your spam/junk folder

Sometimes the ticket and confirmation end up in the spam folder, so be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

If you use Gmail, the confirmation email may not have arrived in your your main mailbox, but under another section (e.g. Social, Promotions).

2. Check your SMS messages

Some tickets require an SMS verification so the organiser can check that the phone number you gave is valid. If the organiser has enabled SMS verification, then your ticket will only be sent to you once you have verified your phone number via SMS.

If you received an SMS from Smeetz

  1. Open the SMS and click on the link
  2. Click on "confirm ticket"
  3. Your ticket and a QR code will appear, you can use this at the entrance of the event/activity. To access this page again, simply repeat this process.
  4. An email of the ticket will be sent to you

If you did not receive an SMS from Smeetz

You may have entered your phone number incorrectly when booking the ticket. If this is case, simply send and explanation and correct phone number to customer.success@smeetz.com.

3. Login or Sign up on Smeetz

You can see all your upcoming bookings and resend the ticket and confirmation email through the Smeetz website.

If you already have an account
  1. Visit the Smeetz website
  2. Login at the top right-hand corner of the page
  3. Login with Email address, Google or Facebook
  4. Go to your user profile and view your "upcoming bookings" or "resend booking". 

If you don't have an account

  1. Visit the Smeetz website
  2. Click on Login at the top right-hand corner of the page
  3. Scroll down and select "Don't have an account yet? Register"
  4. Sign up with Email, Google or Facebook
  5. Go to your user profile and view your upcoming bookings or resend booking 

4. You bought the ticket with Facebook login

Your Facebook account may be linked to an old, or different, mailbox. Therefore, the confirmation email will have been sent to the wrong email inbox.

To remedy this:

  1. Login to your account on the Smeetz website with Facebook
  2. Go to user profile
  3. Edit your new email and change it to your primary email address.
  4. Resend the booking

5. Incorrect email address/phone number

You may have made an error when inputting your email/phone number during the booking stage.

In this case, please send an email to customer.success@smeetz.com stating the issue.

Please also provide us with:

  • Name of the event/activity or organiser of the event
  • The name you used to buy the tickets
  • The correct email address or phone number