Install the receipt printer

This page explains how to install and connect the receipt printer to our Smeetz POS native App on a Windows device.

  1. Download the file
  2. Install the driver to your device
  3. Set up the printer
  4. Test your installation

1. Download the file

Click here to download the driver

2. Install the driver to your device

  1. After downloading the full folder on the device, the only file to launch is Setup

  2. Follow the installation steps according to the video below


You need to make sure that the receipt printer is set up as your default printer.

3. Set up the printer

  1. Add a paper roll onto the printer2f435ada-683d-4325-930e-c0f4c898c771

  2. Connect the printer to the POS device

    1. You have 2 ways to connect printer to the POS:

      1. With 2 cables: 1 regular power supply + 1 USB cable to the POS (2 cables)

      2. With 1 cable: Directly connected to the POS without power supply (1 special wire to purchase additionally)


4. Test your installation

Try a booking on the POS App (not from a browser, it will not work) and try to print a receipt.

  1. Testing process:

    1. Login to the POS app

    2. Do a simple order

    3. Apply a payment

    4. In the confirmation step click on “Print” & then “Print receipt”


If nothing prints, go to:

  1. Configuration Panel/Printers
  2. Select the Receipt printer as default in the printer settings
  3. Redo the testing process above
  4. If still not working
    1. Double check the wire connection
    2. Then try to reach out to the Smeetz team