Create promotional codes

This article explains how to create promotional codes.

Step 1

Log in to your Smeetz for Business account. Under the activity tab, select the activity for which you want to create promotional codes and click on "View".

Step 2

Click on "promotional code" in the drop-down menu, then on "create promo code".


Step 3

To get started, set the name of your promotional codes under "Name of the promotional code campaign".

Step 4

Then choose whether it is:

  • A flat-rate discount on the total amount of the ticket (e. g. CHF 20 discount on a ticket worth CHF 100).
  • A percentage discount on the total amount of the ticket (e. g. 20% discount on a ticket worth CHF 100).


Step 5

You need to determine whether you are creating:

  1. A single promotional code,
  2. Or several promotional codes.


If you need to create a large number of promotional codes, we advise you to use: and copy-paste them.

You must then determine the maximum number of uses for your promotional codes.

Step 6

Choose whether the discount is applied to the total price or to certain types of tickets. In both cases, please determine the validity period of the promotional codes.

Then click on "Save


Step 7

You can change or delete the promotional codes you have created for each activity at any time.