Sell on marketplaces (OTAs)

This article explains how to sell your products on the OTAs integrated with your Smeetz for Business account.

  1. What is an OTA
  2. How to integrate one or more OTAs into your Smeetz for Business account

1. What is an OTA

OTAs (online travel agencies) are intermediary agencies that market products/services in exchange for commissions.

Increasingly numerous and important today, they help you gain visibility and increase your sales by reaching a wider audience (e.g., Tripadvisor, Expedia, Get your Guide, etc.). The commissions charged vary between OTAs, but are generally between 12% and 20%. 

By managing your product inventory on Smeetz and using OTAs as a distribution channel, you can significantly reduce your workload by automatically synchronising your bookings and availabilities.

Please note that some OTAs select their customers themselves. We cannot guarantee that your products will be sold on all OTA's that we suggest.

2. How to integrate one or more OTAs into your Smeetz for Business account

Here are some marketplaces that you can use as distribution channels:


To complete the integration, you need:

  1. Connect into your Smeetz for Business account.
  2. Create an account with the desired marketplace (e.g. Expedia, Get Your Guide, etc.).
    Please note that creating an account with some marketplaces can take several days for verification issues.
  3. Be free to contact us at in order to provide you access to our partner for integrations with OTAs
  4. Create your product on the desired marketplace.  Here are some examples of product configuration processes in the marketplaces:
    1. GetYourGuide will ask you to make an authentic copy of your product.
    2. Others, such as GoogleThingsToDo, will offer to integrate your Smeetz products directly.

      It is important that the content of your offer is in English.
  5. To create and integrate your products, you can refer to the following instructions:
    1. Expedia
    2. GetYourGuide
    3. Viator
    4. Other OTAs

Most of the OTAs don't accept the automated creation of products. It's required to copy your product on the marketplaces

Please also note that the OTA integration that we offer only synchronises time slots and bookings. It doesn't synchronise the description or pictures of your products.