Sell on marketplaces (OTAs)

This article explains how to sell your products on the OTAs integrated with your Smeetz account.

  1. Why sell on OTAs
  2. On what OTAs can you sell
  3. How to sell on OTAs from your Smeetz account

1. Why sell on OTAs

OTAs (online travel agencies) are intermediary agencies that market products/services in exchange for commissions.

OTAs help you gain visibility and increase your sales by reaching a wider audience (e.g., Tripadvisor, Expedia, Get your Guide, etc. The commissions charged vary between OTAs, but are generally between 12% and 20% of the ticket sale.

By managing your product inventory on Smeetz and using OTAs as a distribution channel, you can significantly reduce your workload by automatically synchronising your bookings and availability.

  1. Increased Visibility: By listing on popular OTAs, attractions gain increased visibility among a global audience of potential visitors. Travelers often turn to these platforms to discover local attractions and activities.

  2. Broader Audience Reach: OTAs cater to diverse demographics and interests.

  3. Marketing and Promotion: Many OTAs invest in marketing and promotional activities to attract users. 

  4. Booking Convenience: Travelers prefer the convenience of booking multiple aspects of their trip in one place. 

  5. Competitive Advantage: Being listed on popular OTAs provides attractions with a competitive advantage. Travelers often rely on these platforms to make decisions.

  6. Access to Traveler Reviews: Travelers often rely on reviews and ratings when making decisions about attractions and activities. 

Important to note

  • Some OTAs select their customers themselves. We cannot guarantee that your products will be sold on all OTA's that we suggest.
  • Most OTAs don't accept the automated creation of products. It's required to copy your product on the marketplace. The OTA integration that we offer only synchronises time slots and bookings. It doesn't synchronise the description or pictures of your products.

2. On what OTAs can you sell

Here are some marketplaces that you can use as distribution channels:3-4


  1. Tiqets: Global coverage, specialising in cultural and entertainment activities. Tiqets is recognized for its expertise in offering tickets for diverse cultural experiences, including museums, attractions, shows, and events.
  2. Google Things to Do: Integrated seamlessly into global Google Maps and search functions, providing users worldwide with information on activities and attractions. It enables direct links to tickets and reservations for a wide spectrum of experiences.
  3. City Sightseeing: Specialising in major cities globally, City Sightseeing is known for hop-on-hop-off bus tours, guided city tours, and a variety of sightseeing experiences in major urban destinations.


  1. Get Your Guide: Encompassing global coverage with a strong focus on Europe, Get Your Guide stands out as one of the largest platforms for booking diverse leisure activities. It offers a broad range, including cultural tours, excursions, and adventure experiences.

  2. Musement: With a global presence, particularly emphasizing Europe, Musement specializes in cultural and leisure activities in various European cities. It provides a platform for travelers to discover and book local experiences.

  3. Civitatis: Boasting global coverage with a specific focus on Europe and Latin America, Civitatis offers a diverse array of tours and experiences. From city tours and cultural activities to adventurous experiences, it caters to a broad audience.

North America

  1. Viator: Operating globally with a notable presence in North America and Europe, Viator is a popular platform for booking an extensive range of experiences. This includes sightseeing tours, outdoor adventures, and cultural activities.

  2. Expedia: With a worldwide reach and a stronghold in North America, Expedia, known for flights and hotels, also extends its services to activities such as tours, theme park tickets, and city passes, catering to leisure travelers. 


  1. Klook: Enjoying global coverage, Klook is highly favoured in Asia, providing a diverse range of leisure activities. Its offerings include attractions, shows, and unique cultural experiences, making it a comprehensive platform for travelers.

3. How to sell on OTAs from your Smeetz account

Go to Channels > Marketplaces > Marketplace list. This page allows you to access more than 40 different OTAs.


Here is what you can do from the Smeetz Marketplace page.
  1. You can Enable a Marketplace
    1. If you don't have an account on the third party platform we use to push offers on OTAs, it will automatically create one when you enable your first marketplace
  2. You can Disable a Marketplace
    1. This action will automatically Disable the Marketplace on the third party platform 
    2. It also disable the possibilities to Manage activities
  3. You can manage your activities
    1. This will automatically redirect you to the third party platform on the right Marketplace

To create and integrate your products, you can refer to the following instructions: