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Edit an order

This article explains how to edit your participants' bookings.

You may modify any time your customers' bookings, even if you have already received payment for these tickets on your sales statement.

You can change the date of the reservations, the number of participants or add additional activities and services

1. How to edit an order

1. Under "Orders", please select "Attendee list".

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2. Search for the booking with the participant's name or with the booking reference. You can also use the filters to search for your participants.

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3. Clicking on the "booking reference" or" ticket code" to find the participant's details.
4. Clicking on " Edit an order " will take you to the create an order page. The latter will already be pre-filled with the booking details in question. 

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5. To edit a booking, you must first cancel your customers' tickets.

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Note, that if you have more than one participant on a booking, you may change only some of the tickets. 

If your customers have add-ons that are included in their booking, these will automatically be adjusted to the new date. 

6. After cancelling your tickets, add new tickets for the same activity, with the new date and time.

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At least, you will need to add the amount of tickets included in the original booking. However, you can include additional tickets. This is a good way to increase your sales and revenue. 

7. You can change the name of the participant and adjust the client's required fields if necessary.

8. If only the date and time of the booking need to be changed (without adding tickets or add-ons), you can update the sale. When you modify dates, e-mail with updated booking is sent to client.


9. If customers wants to add tickets or add-ons to the booking, they will have to pay the difference which will be displayed under the "balance" section to be paid. So please add a payment method, insert the amount and pay the difference.

If the customer is present, please insert the payment method used on site.

If the client is not present, please indicate that payment must be made either by invoice or onsite, unless if the client wishes to give his bank details by telephone or e-mail.

Finally, click on "update the sale" and send the new reservation to your customer. 

When you modify number of tickets, e-mail with updated booking is sent to client.

You can change the booking any time by repeating the process described above.