Statistiques des ventes

La section statistique des ventes vous permet de visualiser vos ventes en temps réel.

Statistics of your sales are available for each of your products. You must fill in the following filters:

  1. Choose an activity or event.
  2. Select the start and end date and time of the tickets to choose the time slots you want to include
  3. Choose an interval for the presentation of results (per hour, per day, per week or per month).
  4. Choose one of the three available units:
    1. Tickets: the number of tickets sold,
    2. Net sales: gross sales less sales commissions,
    3. Gross sales: the total amount generated by the sale of tickets.

The information obtained

First you get an overview.

Then you can see:
  1. sales by type of ticket,
  2. by source of purchase,
  3. by promotional code,
  4. by payment method,
  5. by location,
  6. and by genre.

The information is presented graphically. You can also download them as an Excel sheet. For more details, you can click on “Show captions”.

Sales per ticket

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    Sales by source of purchase

    E.g. sales channels: your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), your newsletter, our platform, your website, etc.

    Sales by promo code

    Sales by payment method

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    Sales by location


    Sales by gender

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