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Manage your transactions with Smeetz Pay

This article explains what Smeetz Pay is all about and what makes it an easy and secure payment method.

  1. What is Smeetz Pay
  2. Advantages of Smeetz Pay

1. What is Smeetz Pay

Smeetz Pay is the payment method we offer our customers. It enables secure transactions to be carried out via the major credit card providers, Postcard and Post E-Finance, TWINT or Paypal (available with the "Plus" package).

2. Advantages of Smeetz Pay

  • Security
    These different credit card providers are all PCI compliant*, making it a totally secure means of payment.

*The Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance brings together various security programs that ensure the protection of payment card data. 

  • Easy to use
    Your customers pay directly online, using the method of their choice. After that, you will receive an instant confirmation of registration. It will therefore be easier for you to coordinate your different activities and you will have a precise idea of the evolution of your sales.
  • Best Price
    With Smeetz Pay, we offer you the best price conditions with optimum payment charges. You can define whether you or your customers pay these fees: In your Pro Smeetz account > Activities (select) > Booking settings > Transaction fees.

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  • Reliability
    Your customers have the freedom to pay when they want. Our different payment methods are not only available for online bookings but also during on-site purchases.