Manage bookings on the calendar

This article will help you understand the functionalities of the Smeetz Calendar for you to easier manage your products.

1. The Smeetz calendar and its advantages
2. How to use the calendar

1. The Smeetz calendar and its advantages

The Smeetz Calendar has been integrated to Smeetz for Business to increase one's understanding of events and activities happening during a given time period.

The calendar facilitates the access to products' information and gives you an overview of all bookings. 

1.1 The advantages 

  • You have an overview of your calendar by day, week and month
  • You can disable weekends
  • You have a quick access to the point of sales (POS) and attendee list
  • You can create a recurring ticket from an activity and add notes
  • You can directly modify your availability for each activity

2. How to use the calendar

Orders > Calendar

2.1 The functionalities

  1. Calendar view: You can view the calendar by day, week or month. To change the view, please select the desired view at the top left of your screen.
  2. Toggle weekends: If the products you offer only take place during the working days, you can click on "switch weekends", which will allow you to hide weekends.
  3. Filters 
    1. Statuses: confirmed, pending, cancelled, abandoned 
    2. Products
    3. Tickets
    4. Bookable or not bookable
  4. Options
    1. Print your calendar 
    2. Refresh your page
    3. Reset your filters
  5. Manage your time slots by clicking on one of your products 
    1. Available: You can change the availability of your activities

    2. Create booking: Quick access to the Point-of-Sales 

    3. See bookings: Quick access to the attendee list of the selected activity

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2.2 How to create an entry 

You can manually add a booking on the calendar on any time slot available. You just need to click on the day and a pop-up will show on the right.

  1. Click on "entry type" > "time slot"
  2. Select the start date/ time and end date/ time
  3. Select the ticket of your choice
  4. Add an internal note (e.g. internal booking, done by X person)

This manual entry will be possible only if you already have a product and tickets created. 

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Please remember to "Save" your entree.