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What to do if tickets are not recognised by the scan

The following scan problems are the most common. Here is a procedure to follow to resolve them as soon as possible. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us.

If the problem is with the scanner (mobile phone)

  • Check that you are connected to a wifi network (4G) (activate mobile data)
  • Turn off the phone and turn it back on
  • Log back into your Smeetz organiser account and re-scan the ticket 

If the problem comes from the QR code of a printed ticket

  • Make sure that the paper is not wrinkled
  • Otherwise, request the QR code of the email or ticket downloadable in PDF and scan it on the participant's phone.

If the participant has an invalid QR code and has not purchased his ticket himself

  • Please verify on the computer whether ticket has already been scan and is so at what time. If the ticket has been scanned quite some time before the scanning of the later person, please tell them that this ticket has already been used and that unfortunately we can not let them in.
    Unfortunately, it is possible that the resell has sold the ticket to several people, that one person has already used the ticket before the person you are dealing with has .

If nothing works

  1. You can check the participant's name and validate the ticket manually in the "Participant view" section
  2. Contact smeetz support