Troubleshooting tickets that are not recognised when scanned

The articles details the most common scanning issues and how to resolve them.

Problem with the scanner or mobile phone (if used to scan tickets)

  • Check you are connected to a reliable wifi network (or are able to use mobile data)
  • Turn off the phone and turn it back on
  • Log back into your Smeetz account and re-scan the ticket 

Problem with the QR code of a printed ticket

  • Make sure that the paper is not wrinkled or wet
  • Otherwise, request the QR code in the email or downloadable PDF ticket, then scan the QR code from the attendee's phone.

If the attendee QR code comes up as 'invalid' and they are not the purchaser of the ticket

  • Verify whether the ticket has already been scanned and at what time.
  • If the ticket has been scanned a some time ago, then it is possible that the ticket has been resold to multiple people and that one person has already redeemed the purchase with the QR code.

If you the ticket does not scan, and you have verified it has not already been scanned earlier

  1. You can check the attendee's name and validate the ticket manually in the "attendee view" section on your Smeetz account
  2. For any persistent issues that cannot be resolved by the above measures, contact Smeetz support.