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Smeetz pricing plans

When you sign up with Smeetz, you have 3 price plans to choose from. This article will help you compare our different price plans and choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. What is the difference between our 3 pricing plans?

2. How is VAT deducted in percentage?

3. Billing and payment details

What is the difference between our 3 pricing plans?

When you register on Smeetz for Business, you have the choice between 3 plans:

  1. Explorer
  2. Pilot
  3. Astronaut
  4. Explorer

    The Explorer plan offers all the basic ticketing features. You can sell your tickets online and on site from a centralised system and scan your customers' tickets at the entrance in an optimised way.
  5. Pilot

    Come and discover the technology area with the Pilot Plan! How to use smart pricing, start predicting your sales and benefit from detailed analysis to help you optimise the management of your staff, inventory and online sales.
  6. Astronaut

    Take off with the Astronaut plan - our team is there for you. Sell your tickets on the most popular platforms in your industry without limits and benefit from personalised consulting from our team.

How is VAT deducted in percentage

The Swiss VAT rate of 7.7% is applicable on Smeetz booking fees. It is deducted from the total sales settlement.

Billing and payment details

In order to access this page:

Settings > Billing and click on payment details to enter your bank details for the payment process of your plan.

Billing details

In this section you will be able to check your billing details, your payment details and invoices.
  1. You are able to upgrade your plan depending on your needs
  2. You can modify your payment details 
  3. You can check your invoices from Smeetz.