On-Site guide for theatres

This article gives advice to theatres on how to ensure their on-site setup is ready before the start of their online sales.

Plan your setup weeks in advance

  1. Ensure a strong Wifi connexion on-site
  2. Manage needed equipment and its placement
  3. Manage your staff members

Before your opening

  1. Train your staff and management team
  2. Set up and test the scanner(s)
  3. Set up and test printers

To do and not to do

  1. Best practices
  2. Common mistakes

Plan your setup weeks in advance

1. Ensure a strong WiFi or 4G connection

Always make sure that yo have an internet connection that is:

  1. Stable
  2. Strong
  3. Password protected

You will need it to sell tickets via the POS, (connect your printers and computers), modify bookings and scan tickets.

Test the quality and strength of your Wi-Fi with the equipment you will use 

Make sure that this Wi-Fi connection is private and not shared with the public

If your connection is weak, you can get a 4G hotspot. You will find more information about the 4G Wifi terminal in this article.

2. Equipment management and placement

Take some time to analyse your needs and your venue. Make sure that you have all the equipment you need weeks before your opening, so that you still have time to rent/buy extra equipment in case you find yourself with a shortage.

Remember that equipment is not always in stock and that it needs time to set up. Do not wait for the last minute to order your equipment, it will only add more stress to your team. Plan your equipment needs well in advance and order everything within a sensible time range before you plan to use it.

  • Do you sell tickets on-site?
  • Do you print tickets on-site?
  • Do you scan tickets at the entrance?
  • Do you scan tickets at the exit?
  • Can you charge your equipment at those locations?
  • Is the Wi-Fi strong at those locations?
  • etc.

Here is a list of some equipment that is important:  

  1. Mobile phones or scanners to scan tickets (connected to Wi-Fi or with a charged SIM card)
  2. Printers and consumables (paper and ink) to print tickets
  3. Computers to manage bookings
  4. 4G hotspot or other WiFi sources
  5. Battery chargers for electronic devices 
  6. Extension cords

Plan the placement of electronic devices early on. These devices will be using much battery, so make sure that you set them up close to a power source or use extension cords.

If you do not have any or enough available devices/equipment/consumables, you can contact us at support@smeetz.com for advice.

3. Staff planning and management

In order to use the POS at different entrances simultaneously, you will need to give your team members access to your Smeetz for Business account and to make sure they are prepared. To do so, please follow those steps:

  1. Grant access to your staff. You will find more information in this article.

    2.     Help them installing Smeetz for Business on the main screen of mobile phones/ scanners, to facilitate the scanning process. You will find more information in this article.


    • The POS can be accessed on any computer or tablet.
    • Give team members at the cash desk access to the POS to sell tickets.
      • Give them the role of  "Seller", if you want them to be ONLY able to access the POS 

    Please make sure to have at least 1 seller manager/ manager at the entrance, as access to the attendee list may be needed. 


    • Give team members at the entrance/exit access to the scanner for ticket scanning.
      • Give them the role of "Security", if you want them to be ONLY able to access the scanner 

      Before your opening

      1. Train your staff and management team

        1. Plan and make sure that you have the right amount of staff with the right access rights, to cover your opening hours and on-site functions. 
        2. Give your staff their login information to Smeetz (email and password)
        3. Train your staff on how to use the POS and/or scanner, you can find all the necessary information on how to create a sale here and about the scanner here
        4. Train your staff with higher access on how to use the attendee manager. More information here

      To make things easier, make at least one staff an expert at their role through extensive teaching. This way, they become the first point of reference for all other staff.

      2. Setup and test the scanner(s)

      Scanning can be done with multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or professional scanners:

      • Usage of mobile phones: you will find more information in this article.
      • Usage of Zebra TC21 scanner: you will find more information in this article.

      We recommend you to test your scanners days fin advance and to train your staff in using it. You can try different modes of scans and scan different types of tickets (membership, gift card, normal etc.) 

      Currently, tickets can only be scanned on Safari on IOS devices and on Chrome on Android devices.

      3. Set up and test printers

      Follow these steps to set up Zebra ZD420 printers, so they are ready for use when people buy tickets.

      Make sure to test the printer before the start of sales, ideally every morning.

      • Check if the paper has been inserted correctly: simply press the button located between the button of a pause sign and X sign

        Please check the tutorial if needed:

      • Check if the ticket will be printed cleanly by buying a test ticket.
      To setup a test ticket:
      1. Create a ticket that is free, be careful not to forget to archive it after
      2. Do not make it available for online sale by un-ticking online availability on the ticket 
      3. Go on the POS and buy this ticket
      4. Print the ticket

      To do and not to do

      1. Good practices

      • Print QR Codes to place at the entrance
        It redirects buyers to the booking flow and thus make the queue more fluid
        You can generate QR Code here.
      • Print logins and passwords to help your staff members and prevent a possible loss of time at the entrance.

      2. Common mistakes

      • Scanner settings
        Please make sure that settings one the scanner are correct before scanning tickets or conducting tests.
        Please charge your scanners before your event to ensure all-day use. 
      • Equipment
        We advise you to test all of your equipment before starting sales and to fully charge it before each representation. 
      • Wifi/4G connexion
        Take care of keeping the 4G hotspot next to the devices you use and plan an additional one in stock in case of emergency. Also, a public wifi is a plus for guests who need to download their ticket.
        Don't forget to have extension cords and plugs nearby to keep your hotspot charged.
      • Entrance fluidity
        We recommend you to mention your guests (through communication or posters) what document to show at the entrance (E.g: membership cards, ID, ...)