How to manage the marketing tab

This article will help you to better understand the advantages of CRM and how you can track customer informations. With our CRM, you will retrieve all the informations about your customers and the amount spent by them on your activities.

1. What is a CRM and its advantage

2. How to changed and add filters

3. How to manage the customers list

4. How to create a new customer

5. How to merge and delete a customer

1. What is a CRM and its advantage

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy that you can use to manage interactions with your customers and potential customers. Our CRM will help you to build customer relationships, increase sales and profitability. 

1.1 Advantages 

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention (with the data on the marketing tab, you will be able to better understand the customer expenses)
  • Enhanced contact management (centralise information and improve your knowledge about your clients)
  • Heightened productivity (quick access into your customer profile)
  • Empowered sales management (efficient stock management)
  • Accurate sales forecasting (estimate future sales based on past data in your CRM Smeetz)
  • Improved sales metrics
  • Enriched products and services

2. How to access into your CRM & create new customers

  1. Login to Smeetz for Business
  2. Go to Marketing tab > Customers
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2.1 How to create a new customer 

You have the possibility to create a new customer who will be added into your CRM list

  1. Click on Create Customer 

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  2. Fill up the following informations: 
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Please take note that you just have to fill up the mandatory information. The other fields can be added at any time on customers profiles.

  • First name (mandatory information)
  • Last name (mandatory information)
  • Title ( select between Mr. / Mrs. / Dr. / Ms. / Prof.)
  • Email address (mandatory information)
  • Phone number (mandatory information)
  • Phone verification status (Not verified / Verified)
  • Gender (Female / Male / Other / Prefer not to say)
  • Birth date
  • Allergies
  • Bought products
  • Metadata (search data for a specific product)
  • Preferred language
  • Marketing email opt-in (subscribe for newsletter)
  • Lifecycle stage (introduction, growth, maturity and decline)
  • Company
  • Tax number
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip
  • Country
3.   Click on the button Save > customer profile recorded.

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3. How to change and add filters 

When you land on the customers page, some filters are already set up in order that you already have some informations.

  1. By selecting new filters > you can find additional needed informations
  2. Click on the gear as below
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  3. Check the filters that you wish to show up on your customer list
  4. Then click on apply >  then you will  have access to all the those additional informations.

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E.g: You would like to know the customers who spend the most on your events.

Add the Revenue tab by selecting it in the filters. Then sort this tab in ascending and descending order.

The first customers of the list are the ones who spent the most on your events.

  • If you would like to obtain more detailed information about your customer, please click on the customer profile (email address) to obtain more information.

4. How to manage customer list

  1. By clicking on Actions 
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  2. The following drop-down list will be displayed:
    1. Export table (in XSXL or CSV format)
    2. Update records (up to date)
    3. Edit customers
    4. Delete customers

  3. Check the box on the left of the Email column 
  4. Select the customers that you want to make changes
    1. Update the informations of your customers
    2. Edit or change some informations about your customers
    3. Delete customers 

    5. How to merge & delete a customer

    Merging the same clients will help you to centralise all the information on a single contact. 

    If you notice that you have 2 names exactly the same and the same information. The best is to merge the contact who has less information into the one who has a completed profile.

    1. Click next to the email address of your customer
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    2. Select "Merge" and search for the duplicated customer 
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    3. Once you have your customer > confirm the action