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How to create and set up taxes on Smeetz

This article will give you a better understanding of taxes and how to set up your own taxes according to your activities.

1. What is a tax ?

2. How to create a tax on Smeetz

3. How to link the taxes created to your prices

4. How to remove taxes

1. What is a tax?

In this article, we will use the example of Swiss value added tax (VAT) to illustrate the process. However, you can add and create different taxes according to your needs.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a general consumption tax paid by the final consumer. Consumers pay VAT through the purchase of goods (clothes, cars, food, etc.) and services (hairdresser, transport, restaurant meals, etc.). A company must include the value-added tax in the price of services provided and products sold in the country and pay it to the government.

In addition, it can deduct from this amount the input tax paid in the course of its business.

1.1 The 3 types of VAT rates in Switzerland are:

  • The VAT rate is 7.7% for most goods and services.
  • A reduced rate of 2.5% is levied on certain goods of daily use such as foodstuffs, non-alcoholic beverages, books, newspapers, magazines and medicines.
  • A special rate of 3.7% is applied to overnight stays in hotels (including breakfast).

2. How to create a tax on Smeetz

  1. Login to Smeetz for Business
  2. Click on your profile (initials) 
  3. Go into account details > under taxes section
  4. Click on Create a tax (the tax window will appear)
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  5. Please enter the following informations in order to create your tax:
    B2C Customer-2-Sep-13-2021-01-02-26-46-PM
    1. Define the tax name
    2. Set your tax rate
    3. Set Type (e.g. = VAT)
    4. Tax ID (VAT identification number)
  6. Click on save

3. How to link the taxes created to your prices

  1. Go to the "products" tab > select an activity (where you want to apply your created taxes)
    For more information on creating a product, please check this article.
  2. Then click on tickets to which you want to apply your created taxes
  3. After clicking on ticket(s) > click on the prices section
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  4. Then click on the price name (e.g. children, adults, seniors)
  5. After clicking on one of your rates the price setting window will appear
  6. Go to taxes section (at the bottom of the page)
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  7. From the tax section > link the name of the tax that you would like on these prices. 
  8. Please remember to Save your action

Please note that you can change the taxes on your prices at the end of each event.

4. How to remove taxes

  1. Click on your profile (initial) 
  2. Go into account details > under taxes section
  3. Click on the small lines in arrow format and delete
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